Your pregnancy

Your pregnancy

Fetal development month by month

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    Communication with the baby

    Communication is established between you and him thanks to the placenta and the umbilical cord. Optical vesicles, lens, arms and legs form.

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    Fetal Development

    The embryo takes shape. The face, the eyes, the limbs grow. And the heart of your baby has already doubled in volume!

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    Genitals are forming

    You begin to feel baby move, its genitals are gradually forming, you can know if it is a girl or a boy through morphological ultrasound.

Baby's first trimester

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    Sense and movements

    Baby begins to develop the sense of touch and to perceive the sounds, especially those of his mother. The 4th month also marks the increase in movements.

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    Very active

    The 5th month of pregnancy is a time when baby continues to grow. Very active, it will surely begin to be felt then it will grant itself hours of sleep. Enjoy these quiet moments to rest.

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    Respiratory system

    The brain of the fetus develops at an incredible speed. It is also at the end of the 6th month that he begins to acquire the sense of sight. Its respiratory system is constructed as well as its nervous system. For the fetus, it is also the motility to acquire greater agility, its spinal cord grows and it keeps moving.

Baby's second trimester

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    A third of his birth weight

    At 7 months of pregnancy, your baby knows how to swallow, he starts sucking his thumb. Your belly is rounded to the maximum. His senses are more and more developed and he perceives what is going on around him. He almost froze his features and he reached a third of his birth weight.

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    Bones hardened

    At 8 months of pregnancy, baby seems ready to go out. He placed his head down, his bones hardened except the skull (to facilitate the passage).

  • 40

    Ready to go out

    At 9 months of pregnancy, baby is formed, breathes alone and is protected from viruses and other infections. Your baby is logically dressed for life. He prepares like you at childbirth. It is placed at the bottom of the uterus and its bones harden more and more.

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Baby's third trimester

Your pregnancy
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